Indian startups have raised $3.76 bn in 2021 Q1

Indian startups have fared pretty decently in Q1 of 2021 and managed to raise $3.76 bn in fundings, as per a latest report by Yourstory. The Indian startup ecosystem has seen a 17% Y-O-Y growth this year. 

The state of funding in 2021 for Indian startups has obviously favored the tech savy companies with Ed-tech, Fin-tech, and gaming being the top three sectors.  


As per Yourstory research Fintech segment in India has 47 deals so far amounting to a total of 608.1 million $. Followed by Ed-tech with 28 deals amounting to $560.5 mn. Gaming has been one of the favorites of investors this season with $544 mn of funding in the sector. Top 3Indian VCs (Venture Capital Funds) who have led major rounding of these fundings have been Inflection Point Ventures, Titan capital, Venture Catalysts with  10, 9, 7 deals respectively. 


The amount of funding raised and the number of deals closed in Q1 2021 has been highest across the last 5 quarters. 


The number of deals in Q1 rose to 257, up about 18 percent from 218 deals in Q1 2020 and up 70 percent on a sequential basis from Q4 2020 levels. 


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